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flowOS Planner is a digital replica of the transport network surrounding your fleet. Planner enables you to test different service strategies in a virtual environment and predict their commercial and operational performance before deploying services for real down on the ground. Operators and Authorities use Planner to:

  • Align transport supply with underlying travel demand.

  • Coordinate service plans with the wider transport network.

  • Refine deployment strategies to make the most of every vehicle mile.  

Data driven service design and adjustment 

Planner enables you to plan with the wider network in mind, using comprehensive transport network simulation to devise and test service strategies before implementing down on the ground. Using flowOS Planner, transport operators and authorities can adjust a digital representation the transport network and explore the likely impact of those changes on the performance of both individual services and the network as a whole.

With Planner you can adjust service deployment zones, pricing, response times, routing, service frequencies and timetables. Planner will then calculate the impact of your changes on passenger behaviour across all services and modes operating in the same network.


Operators and Authorities use Planner to forecast the impact of a new or adjusted service on:


  • Ridership, operating costs, vehicle occupancy and service punctuality for specific services.

  • The knock on effect on other services and modes operating within the same network.

  • Transport Mode shift from private to public transport.

  • Bottlenecks and insufficient capacity on the network resulting from shifts in passenger flows.

  • Schedule alignment between services contributing to end to end journeys.

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Integrated Transport Demand Modelling and Simulation

Planner contains data on existing travel patterns and preferences for 100s of city regions including insight into the sensitivity of potential passengers to changes in travel cost, travel time and convenience when making travel choices.


Planner couples this insight with a detailed digital replica of the public and private transport network so that you can test how attractive a new mode or service will be for different passenger groups at different times of the day relative to available alternatives. Planner enables you to predict:

  1. Who will travel between which locations, for what purpose and when.

  2. Which modes and specific services they will prefer to use.

Planner can simulate the operation of both scheduled and demand responsive transport services enabling you to test and refine the design of individual services to target resources where they're needed most and deliver services as efficiently as possible. Planner's in-built simulation engine enables you to iteratively test different deployment scenarios, evaluating different options against:

  • The cost per mile of operating new services.

  • The revenue and marginal profit / subsidy. attributable to each service.

  • The customer service benefits of resulting improvements in accessibility.

  • The environmental benefits of resulting transport mode shift.

By integrating demand forecasting and service simulation, Planner enables you to iterate between predicting demand and optimising service design until you find a deployment plan that best meets your commercial and operational goals.

See what flowOS Planner can do for your business

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