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The decision engine for predictive operations

Prospective's digital twin technology helps you predict and capture future demand, maximise resource utilisation and synchronise your business with the city around you.


Prospective enables fleet operators, infrastructure managers and asset owners to run their operations in sync with the city around them

Trusted by the biggest operators and agencies 

Some of the world's largest operators are using flowOS to transform the way they run critical business processes 

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"At FirstBus, we continually invest in cutting edge technology for the benefit of our customers and partners. Prospective's powerful network planning and scheduling software is helping us to deliver ever more punctual, reliable and comfortable bus services and to run our operations as efficiently as possible. We see huge potential for the use of their technology across the business"

Simon Pearson

 Commercial Director, FirstBus UK

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The flowOS platform

Transport operators and agencies use flowOS to improve service delivery and save resources by synchronising their operations with other fleets, people flows, infrastructure and events.



A data management platform that transforms your core asset and operations data into a digital replica of your own business. Identify opportunities for resource savings and coordinate effortlessly within an asset network.



Predictive analytics tools that enable you to simulate the impact of new and adjusted services in a virtual laboratory. Optimise the design of your service before deploying and accelerate improvement of live operations.



Scheduling software that automates the generation and adjustment of timetables, itineraries and vehicle duties to maximise fleet efficiency and improve customer service.


Help the world get in sync 

We're helping the world's fleets to become more efficient, resilient and better synchronised, improving the way our cities function and the health of our everyday environments. We're growing fast and we need the best people on board. We're hiring for multiple roles across the UK.

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