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Demand Responsive Transit

Predict DRT demand and optimise service operations with flowOS

Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) is quickly becoming a key feature of the urban mobility landscape. Encouraging people out of private vehicles and on to public transport should first focus on core bus and rail systems but there are many areas where traditional scheduled services simply cannot provide a sufficiently competitive alternative to the private car. When delivered effectively, DRT extends the reach of the public transport systems by offering viable alternatives to car travel in suburban and rural areas and covering orbital journeys that the core network would struggle to serve efficiently.

Getting DRT service planning right is
crucial to its early adoption and expansion and for that operators and authorities need to make decisions on sound data and with an understanding of the wider transport network dynamics within their community. To launch successful services, operators and authorities need to be able to predict:

  • Travel demand for DRT between each neighbourhood by passenger group and time of day

  • The best service configuration to meet this demand in the most efficient way

  • The effect of new services on all modes and in particular, whether new services draw demand away from traditional core mass transit.

  • The contribution of DRT as a component of multi-leg journeys within the wider transport network.

FlowOS contains all the tools you need to plan, monitor and refine your DRT service, from cutting edge demand modelling and service simulation, to software for continuous service performance monitoring and refinement. FlowOS enables operators and authorities to understand how competitive a proposed service will be relative to available alternatives before its deployed and provides the data, modelling and monitoring tools to refine and scale services for faster passenger growth.

With network planning tools built from data on the whole network, flowOS gives you the tools you need to not only optimise your own service but understand the impacts of your service on the wider transport network

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