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Your fleet's Digital Twin

flowOS Baseline transforms your core operations data into a digital replica of your own business. Identify opportunities for significant resource savings, growth opportunities and new markets with advanced data analytics tools designed specifically for transport and logistics operators.

Complete visibility of your assets and operations


Your fleet telemetry, ticketing and order book data is one of your most valuable assets, holding the keys to core operations efficiency savings and critical market insights.

FlowOS Baseline helps you capture the full value of your operations and customer data by highlighting opportunities to decrease costs, improve customer experience and open up new markets.


FlowOS Baseline ingests your fleet GPS and sensor data, schedules and CRM data and combines it with a detailed representation of the wider transport network to provide visibility and context to your current operations. With a complete picture of your business, you can identify opportunities for:

  • Improving punctuality

  • Reducing unnecessary vehicle miles and emissions 

  • Growing ridership, customer retention and adoption

  • Improving coordination both with the wider transport network and across a supply chain.


The end result is a pipeline of opportunities for service improvement that can be tested in advance, implementedmeasured and iterated upon.

The foundation for effortless coordination across a fleet network

FlowOS Baseline integrates your fleet data into a persistent digital replica of every vehicle, warehouse, depot and service you operate, providing both a live picture of the current status of the fleet and continuously updated performance metrics derived from historical data feeds. This digital replica enables you to change data sources and sensors while retaining a consistent, standardised set of data fields to use internally and to share with 3rd parties. 

With stable, standardised asset data, you can communicate and coordinate vehicle position, utilisation, itinerary, ETA's and charge level with 3rd party mobility, logistics and infrastructure partners with confidence, empowering you to synchronise your services with the transport and logistics network around you and ensure you get consistent service updates out to customers and control systems via external applications quickly and accurately.


A platform for continuous monitoring and  improvement

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 14.55.21.png






Baseline provides a framework to test the impact of changes to day to day operations, monitor results and quickly iterate on services changes in order to drive improvements. By controlling for external impacts on daily service performance, Baseline helps you to isolate the real effect of individual adjustments and control for the wider dynamics of the business when reporting on the impact of intervention in a specific area. 


With powerful reporting and analytics components, Baseline gives your team the core insight they need to identify opportunities, test the impact of alternatives, launch changes and monitor results before evaluating and refining solutions.

See what flowOS Baseline can do for your business

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