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Bus and Coach Services

Increase punctuality, save resources and electrify faster with automated transit scheduling.

The Bus Industry faces enormous challenges in a post Covid operating environment. Yet the longer term outlook is bright for operators who can drive efficiency improvements in their core business, accelerate the electrification of their fleet and integrate effectively with other mobility services.  

Efficient, punctual and reliable services have always been and continue to be the bedrock of growth in the transit industry, with every extra passenger served and every vehicle mile saved translating into investment potential for service improvements, market expansion and fleet renewal.

FlowOS is proven to save resources, increase trip frequency and dramatically improve service punctuality, helping you accelerate your journey to clean, integrated urban mobility.

Public Transportation

Automated Scheduling for Efficient, Responsive Bus Fleets

​FlowOS is designed to optimise the core of a scheduled bus and coach operator's operational planning, to ensure that timetables are deliverable but efficient and that the business can move quickly to allocate and reallocate resources in response to timetable changes, staff availability and adjustments to the fleet.

Prospective's cloud-based automated scheduling software enables bus, tram and coach operators to meet both customer service and fleet efficiency goals. For some for the world's biggest operators, Prospective's next-generation scheduling system is proven to deliver:

  • Dramatic increases in On Time Performance 

  • Increased customer satisfaction 

  • Reduced fleet miles per passenger served

  • A customer portal that enables passengers to see accurate, predicted departure times and vehicle occupancy

  • Machine learning capabilities that continuously monitor all available data to optimise fleet performance over time.

  • Integration with third-party ticketing and driver rostering systems

With flowOS you can:

  • Automate the generation and continuous adjustment of timetables and itineraries that maximise punctuality with minimal vehicle miles.

  • Generate different scenarios quickly based on different service frequencies, punctuality and headway targets.

  • Generate vehicle duties for complex service offers in minutes.

  • Explore the impact of subtle adjustments to frequencies, vehicle types, headway, interworking and more.

  • Build in fleet servicing and charging into individual vehicle plans

Download our white paper on Data Driven Scheduling for the Bus Industry
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