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Eliminate wasted time, coordinate resources and respond faster with autonomous scheduling



From parcel and courier services, energy and utilities, last mile delivery to construction, effective scheduling is at the heart of logistics heavy businesses. By building precise, adaptable and coordinated schedules, transport, logistics and infrastructure companies can drive service improvements, improve margins and open up new business opportunities.

FlowOS is proven to deliver dramatic improvements in service delivery and significant resource savings. Our schedule automation technology and intuitive, cloud hosted service design tools enable you to accelerate forward planning and service adjustment and run more responsive services. FlowOS is proven to deliver:

  • Dramatic increases in service punctuality

  • Increased customer satisfaction (net promoter scores)

  • Reduced fleet miles per customer served

  • A customer portal that enables passengers to see accurate, predicted arrival times 

  • Machine learning capabilities that continuously monitor all available data to optimise fleet performance over time.

  • Integration with third-party supplier systems


If your business needs to minimise waiting times for staff and customers and maximise resource utilisation then FlowOS could help you get ahead of the field.

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