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Delivery Men

Parcel and Courier

The bedrock of effective schedule automation is data analytics. flowOS ingests your GPS, ticketing and order book data and applies advanced Data Mining and Machine Learning processes to better estimate achievable journey times at different times of the day, week and year. This data driven approach allows you to build precise, contextual timetables and delivery itineraries.

Our continuous scheduling platform automatically generates vehicle and asset schedules that maximise asset utilisation and deliver punctuality improvements.

  • Automate the generation and continuous adjustment of timetables and itineraries that maximise punctuality with minimal vehicle miles.

  • Generate different scenarios quickly based on different service frequencies, punctuality and headway targets.

  • Generate vehicle duties for complex service offers in minutes.

  • Explore subtle adjustments to frequencies, vehicle types and headway

  • Build in fleet servicing and charging into individual vehicle plans

  • Create operations plans for complex service corridors in minutes

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