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Your fleet's AI Co-pilot

Understand the value of your team, vehicles and sensors in a wider network of smart, responsive assets. Earn new revenue streams and help businesses support your operations.

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Make the most of every vehicle mile. Improve fleet utilisation by up to 15% through vehicle miles savings and increased trips per hour. 



Create full schedules for complex services in minutes. Empower your team to rapidly adjust operations with advanced automation. 

Deliver for customers. Hit your service punctuality targets consistently with data driven journey time estimation, timetabling and vehicle scheduling.


reduction in cost per service mile


increase in service punctuality


reduction in fleet miles and emissions

AI Co-Pilots for live operations

FlowOS enables intelligent public and private transport vehicles to predict:

  • Travel demand at any stop, station or neighbourhood at any point in time.

  • The expected location and travel requirements of potential passengers.

  • The expected current and future travel times between any origin and destination.

  • The implication of specific network events on the above

FlowOS enables vehicles to consider the implications of different courses of action and to coordinate their individual movements in order to meet demand more efficiently as a coordinated, prescient fleet.


FlowOS uses this information to determine optimal driver instruction including the itinerary, routing, and pricing of active trips and the movement of vehicles on and off duty.  

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Autonomous asset networking

Dispatch: Publish an itinerary to a 3rd party asset and provide turn by turn navigation instruction to follow that itinerary.
Meet: Continuously update fleet itineraries to match  Continuously update the best location for two+ assets to meet and navigate these assets to that common meeting point within a specified meeting time window.
Pick up: Continuously update the itineraries of an asset in order that it arrives at the right location at the right time to meet a 3rd party without delaying either asset.
Visit: One or more assets visit a common set of locations. Continuously update the sequence of locations for each asset and navigate them.
Cover: One or more agents visit a common set of locations in sequence or within a time window. Continuously update the paths for each agent and navigate them.
Platoon: One or more agents mirror the itinerary and movements of a lead agent as closely as possible. 
Mirror: One or more agents mirror the itinerary / trajectory of a lead agent and adjust a lag between agents based on external criteria

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