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Network Your Business

Discover new revenue streams, improve operations efficiency and keep your customers informed with our micro-level data exchange.

A new way to share and access individual asset data

  • Safely monetise individual asset sensor data and create new revenue streams

  • Help other firms better support your business by publishing data in a easily consumable format

  • Improve Customer Experience by coordinating with 3rd parties

For Data Publishers

  • Gain extra eyes on the road with access to individual 3rd party sensor data

  • Identify opportunities to improve your own operations and  coordinate with other fleets

  • Gain access to individual sensor data based on location, time and event triggers


For Data Consumers


A micro-level data exchange that helps you share individual asset data with your own network of collaborators

  • Share the real time location, speed, ETA, status and itinerary of your assets with your own network of collaborators and data consumers.

  • Stay in complete control of what you share and with whomActivate and de-activate connections when the time is right for you.

  • Share individual asset data based on time, location and event triggers.



Access the specific insight you need, when and only when you need it. 

  • A query-able database of individual assets that gives you access to the real time travel speed, ETAs, asset capacity and status of your selected vehicles, infrastructure and assets.

  • Access data based on time, location and event triggers to ensure you get the most relevant insight when you need it most.

  • Only pay for asymmetry. If you build a two way data exchange between assets, you don't pay for that data stream

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