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Road Construction


Maximise asset utilisation and synchronise arrival times with dynamic asset scheduling

Construction operations are dynamic, with multiple job sites, diverse assets, and crews on-the-go. However, more than 25% of a vehicle's time can be spent in an unproductive state, from queuing to access sites or within a site, stuck in traffic congestion or being inappropriately allocated for the task at hand.  

FlowOS derives key insights to streamline operations and maximise asset utilisation, identifying patterns in unnecessary dwell time and reconfiguring schedules to remove it.

Our continuous scheduling platform automatically generates vehicle and asset schedules that maximise asset utilisation and deliver punctuality improvements.

  • Better fuel efficiency by reducing fuel-wasting queuing and idling

  • Increase productivity and control costs with tighter control of all assets and equipment, getting better coordination of assets across multiple worksites

  • Customise the solution to your unique requirements with an open platform for easy data integration and customisation of optimisation targets and constraints

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