Urban Logistics.  


Grow revenue, reduce costs and improve reliability

with predictive operations.

FlowOS. The complete Operating System for efficient service delivery


Real time control room and driver instruction driven by a picture of near future travel demand and operational status


  • Foresee network problems before they arise and intervene early to reduce their impact.

  • Manage travel and dwell time variability in real time to improve reliability and responsiveness.


Rapid generation of public timetables, vehicle and driver schedules, designed to minimise resources and match demand.


  • Minimise the resources needed to meet current and potential demand.

  • Match service provision with the shifting distribution of demand, adjusting routing and frequencies to deliver the right service to each neighbourhood.

Network Planning

A digital twin of the city designed for testing the performance of any single or multi-modal service proposal.

  • Predict future ridership, revenue, On Time Performance and cost of operation.

  • Automate the generation of the operational instructions needed to deliver your design.


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