Predictive Fleet Dispatch

FlowOS enables intelligent public and private transport vehicles to predict:

  • Travel demand at any stop, station or neighbourhood at any point in time.

  • The expected location and travel requirements of potential passengers.

  • The expected current and future travel times between any origin and destination.

  • The implication of specific network events on the above

FlowOS enables vehicles to consider the implications of different courses of action and to coordinate their individual movements in order to meet demand more efficiently as a coordinated, prescient fleet.

FlowOS uses this information to determine optimal driver instruction including the itinerary, routing, and pricing of active trips and the movement of vehicles on and off duty.  

These changes can be as grand as a new rail line or as incremental as a short term adjustment in pricing, the reallocation of an individual vehicle or stress testing services against spikes in demand.

FlowOS is designed to act as a digital laboratory for testing new service and infrastructure designs, to explore their performance and refine plans before implementing proposed changes down on the ground.

A real time digital laboratory

This ability to predict the near term future extends the role of simulation from planning into operations and makes the ability to ask 'what if' questions a company wide asset.