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Introducing FlowOS

FlowOS simulates the near future state of both travel demand, travel conditions and the status of all vehicles in a fleet and uses this foresight to send optimal operations instructions during live service delivery and for continuous scheduling and network planning. FlowOS fuses your operational information with external data on the rest of the city including the movement of every potential passenger to the availability, location and status of vehicles.

Network Planner




Depot Manager


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Service Simulation


Real time control room and driver instruction driven by a picture of near future travel demand and operational status


  • Foresee network problems before they arise and intervene early to reduce their impact.

  • Manage travel and dwell time variability in real time to improve reliability and responsiveness.


Rapid generation of public timetables, vehicle and driver schedules, designed to minimise resources and match demand.


  • Minimise the resources needed to meet current and potential demand.

  • Match service provision with the shifting distribution of demand, adjusting routing and frequencies to deliver the right service to each neighbourhood.

Network Planning

A digital twin of the city designed for testing the performance of any single or multi-modal service proposal.

  • Predict future ridership, revenue, On Time Performance and cost of operation.

  • Automate the generation of the operational instructions needed to deliver your design.

The benefits of FlowOS

FlowOS translates the power of real time service optimisation into practical technology that can be embedded in day to day transit operations. Our operations and scheduling software enables you to capture latent demand, reduce costs and improve customer experience through prediction, optimisation and automation.

Increase Ridership

Trigger sustained improvements in the commercial performance of service delivery through matching the right kind of supply with prevailing and potential travel demand.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary slack in timetables, improve the efficiency of vehicle allocation and distribute resources for more efficient vehicle occupancy


Improve Performance

Reduce passenger waiting and travel times for a given level of resource, match your service configuration with the travel demand of each neighbourhood and coordinate operations to ensure seamless transfer between modes.

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